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Finsol Software

Built for the digital money

We creates software for banking, financial services, and insurance since 2022. Our clients rely on our experience in advanced technologies and benefit from the future-proof cloud architectures we design to introduce highly competitive fintech solutions.

JBR Infotech designs and builds top-flight fintech solutions that help BFSI companies upgrade business operations and leverage new service models while ensuring data security and regulatory compliance.

Finsol Solutions

Client-facing apps

Convenient and secure web and mobile applications that provide self-service options and seamless digital experience for a financial services provider’s customers.

Complex processing systems

Large-scale systems with a comprehensive processing engine at their core – they are able to handle complex operations specific to a particular BFSI segment

Peer-to-peer (P2P) marketplaces

Online platforms that connect multiple financial services providers, including private investors, with individuals and SMBs in need of financial services or funding

Process automation solutions

Software aimed to streamline particular operations for a business or its consumers: e.g., enable payment automation, underwriting automation, or portfolio management automation.

Data analytics systems

Comprehensive solutions powered with advanced data science techs that help drive valuable insights from a company’s business data and optimize financial operations.

Digital collaboration solutions

Centralized and blockchain-based platforms and networks providing digital collaboration environment for a BFSI company’s internal teams and external partners, as well as for multiple financial services providers.

Digital wallets

Online apps that enable fast and easy payments and money transfers while ensuring full security of the users’ personal and billing information. Cryptocurrency wallets to transact and manage crypto assets.

Financial fraud detection software

Advanced cybersecurity tools that rely on artificial intelligence to instantly identify and prevent malicious behavior of a company’s employees or clients.

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What Our Client’s Say



Ceo & Founder

“ Simply Awesome Work!!! ”

They do in fact provide the best services. I have worked with them and have taken their assistance in building my app. I must say that their team of experts are super friendly and easy to work with. I have successfully launched my app and have made profits from it. Thanks JBR for your help and support.




“ Professional Support Team”

They have an excellent support staff that are always present and available to fulfill all your queries. I needed help with staffing for my new firm and JBR Infotech patiently guided me throughout the process. I have finally found the right staff for my firm and we are doing well in the market.

Shawn Timothy

Shawn Timothy

Sales Manager

“ Good Team Work ”

Their services are not just good but also feasible. I loved the fact that they do not charge a single extra penny for undertaking the work. They are extremely loyal, kind and understanding enough. I would definitely recommend JBR Infotech to my fellow entrepreneurs who are looking for the right guidance and help.